Savoring the Street Food of Mumbai – Part 1

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  1. Okay, I am officially saying you should give up writing a travel blog and take up writing food articles. Your descriptions whcih include the experience of eating these delicacies, although simple and popular, are enough to drive one out of the house to find the nearest Indian restaurant. We only have one regaular Indian restauruant here which I have heard is authentic but never tried. Still, I can imagine the food would taste so much better made there and enjoying it among the sights and sounds of the city. Thank you again!

    1. Thank you. I am just trying to be as real as I can be when I write. I am no match to you guys. I mean your poems are hauntingly beautiful and Peter and Paul are so good when they write. I know we are all individuals and I realize my strength lies in my simplicity. Well, do provide me with the name of that restaurant and if possible the menu as well. I can suggest few items in case you want to try it. Oh, like I mentioned, there are more street foods articles coming up not just from Mumbai, but from across India.You can keep giving me more ideas on what else you want to read, except that educational info, I already have that in my mind, so I will write it for you surely.

    1. Yeah, I understand not everybody likes everything. However, let me add here that the boiled chickpea food item is so loaded with spices that you won’t get that bland flavor of chickpea at all. In fact, if you dont like chickpea you can ask the vendor to put some boiled potatoes instead, it still taste delicious. Just FYI. 🙂

    1. Well, my intentions were only to bring forth some information that you never came across before, but I am glad I managed to make you hungry, and will continue to do so in the next few posts coming up. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  2. First of all let me just say, ‘I’m glad I’m not on a diet’, as reading this would have put me back months! Many of the mouth watering dishes you describe are widely available in the UK, particularly Birmingham (a city with the best Indian food throughout Europe) – needless to say I’m already a great fan (and consumer) of Indian food, and am itching to again compare the difference between that available in the UK, and that of the streets of an Indian city. I wouldn’t go as far as Dweezer19 and say you should give up your travel blog writing, but you should certainly incorporate more of your culinary expertise into your blog.- a great post (as always!).

    1. Hi Paul, I am so glad that you liked my food blog post. Although, I haven’t been to the UK, many of my friends have stayed there, so I always extract information through them. I am happy to hear that you like Indian food. I believe one major difference between the Indian food served here on the streets and in the UK is spiciness. Some of my friends did say that the food there is catered towards Indians and locals as well, so the amount of spice is low, whereas in India the spice factor is high. Of course, even in India if you want your meal less spicy you can order it that way, but you got to mention that while you order it. To be honest, I mould myself the way readers want me to be. I started off with poems and then with movie reviews, I am a big movie buff. My movie reviews were well received, but then someone said write about technology. So, I moved to writing technology reviews, smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on, got enough attention with that too. I finally met a friend who said you travel so write on travel, so I started this blog focusing on travel blog. Few months earlier my wife and then you all said you would love to read food blogs so I once again switched the gears. My happiness lies in what my readers love to read. Yes, I write for money, but I feel true happiness when you guys love my blog posts, provide feedback and appreciate or comment anything on it. It’s pure Nirvana for me. Have you read the second part of this blog post?

      1. Not read pt2 yet but will do today. I had intended to catch up on posts over the weekend but I was attending a self-publishing conference and only got back to London Sunday evening.

      2. Okay, not a problem. By the way, someday I would like you to write a post on how you come up with great humor in your posts. I would love to write short stories, but somewhere down the line I lose it all. I would love to understand the concept of story writing and how to incorporate thrill and humor factor in it.

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