About Us

Hello and Welcome to India Destinations Blog.

My name is Sharukh Bamboat. I am a full time freelance writer by profession, but I also enjoy traveling, photography, movies and reading. Travel has always fascinated me and my wife Sarah and to some extent she contributes to my writing offering me different viewpoints that I would miss out. There are millions of bloggers out there writing about the best travel information that they can gather for their audience. So, when I started this blog, I sat down and wondered what makes India Destinations blog different from other travel blogs. This was important because I don’t want to cheat my readers and followers and finally I found my answer on what this blog will offer and how it will be different from other travel blogs.

Well, both me and Sarah together bring out information on destinations that can help readers and travelers make better decisions when they are packing up their bags to have a quality time with their friends, family or perhaps even alone. The content is fresh, unique and straight to the point to keep it simple and clean for both Indian and international readers and travelers.

Thanks for your time. Below is one of my pictures with my wife Sarah for my readers, so now you know we are real people…he he he.

Sharukh Bamboat


  1. Congratulations to you both on this fascinating and informative blog, an absolute essential guide for those wishing to visit your beautiful country.

  2. Sharukh, what an amazing blog site. Look forward to browsing, especially for those sunsets. I’m setting up a new iMac computer so give me a few days to return to your site. Hello to your lovely wife, Sarah! Christine

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