Spanish Connection – Meeting Iris and Angel in Mumbai

Flora Fountain Fort Mumbai

Me with Iris & Angel at the Flora Fountain – Mumbai

As a traveler, I have always been surprised by the wonders of nature and the landscape that I see around. However, there are times when surprises come from the most unexpected situations. When I started this blog, my sole objective was to offer reliable information about India and Indian destinations to locals and international travelers who would want to explore my country. In the last couple of years, as I wrote more posts, I have been receiving questions from readers who email me their queries – some sensible ones, some funny and some really weird questions. I try to answer them as honestly as I could based on my opinions and experiences.

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My First Love – My Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

My Ray-Ban Sunglasses

While I certainly love to be a part of the Cherished Blogfest, the biggest challenge for me is to pick that one particular thing that I cherish the most. Most people divide history into B.C. and A.D., for me on a personal level my life history is divided into W.P (With Parents) and A.P. (After Parents). For me, life before 1994-95 was completely different and then everything changed drastically when my parents passed away. I’m not trying to gain an emotional mileage here, but gradually you’ll see my point. I completely understand that all people have to go through this life cycle, so let me quickly jump out of this on to the actual topic.

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Cherished Blogfest 2: Share Your Story With The World Once Again

Cherished Badge 2016

Cherished Badge 2016

Life is a struggle and no matter where we are, whatever we become, no matter the amount of money we accumulate, we still have to go through the ups and downs that life mockingly throws at us. The journey of life is always filled with adventures, sorrows and happiness – it’s a complete package, you can’t escape it. Some emerge victoriously, some drown in the abyss of depression and death, the choice is completely ours to make.

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A Journey into an Indian Lifestyle on a Bicycle

Kala Ghoda City Cycle

Kala Ghoda City Cycle (It Says – Ride a Cycle Save the City)

I have been writing so much about India travel for the past couple of years that I often find challenging to introduce new ways to keep the audience engaged with something fresh and new. This post is a part of the challenge by Mary J. Melange one of my blogging buddies and while last month when I was writing on Indian Railways, she came up with a concept on writing on two-wheelers, anything from Harley bikes to bicycles. While I certainly admit that boys and men in India do love Harley Davidson bikes, but not everyone can afford it and therefore you don’t see much of those on the streets. Mary is also known as the Biker Chick and her love for the bike runs as deep as mine for the Indian Railways.

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Indian Railway Assets: A Complete Experience

Kalka Shimla ZDM Locomotive

Indian Railway Locomotive

India – the land of diversity. A land of a billion people who belong to different religions and castes, follow different cultures and traditions, speak different languages and dialects, eat different types of cuisines and delicacies, but yet bonded together as one strong democratic nation that continues to march forward in the 21st century. My earlier posts were about how to travel conveniently by train in India, followed by top 5 heritage and luxury trains in India and last week I wrote on the mountain trains in India. This time, I am bringing forward some the assets of the railways that make the entire rail journey experience easy and convenient for local and international travelers.

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