Bombay Vs Mumbai: From an Eye of a Local


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Mumbai Sea Shore

Mumbai Sea Shore




  1. That is very interesting comparison between old and new. We have similar contrasts here. I really live the photo of the people on the train. It is a wonderful shot. I never knew cricket was popular in India. Another English influence? Soccer is huge in Costa Rica, but you probably knew that. 🙂

    1. Sorry for replying to this late. Cricket is not just a sport out here, it is a religion. I mean if you utter anything about any Indian sportsman that is hot favorite you are probably inviting lot of trouble. Cricket is not just popular in India, but also in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. You should see the atmosphere when India plays against Pakistan (arch rivals), it is nothing less than a war. The game then is not just a game, it is a matter of national pride and no one is ready to lose and feel humiliated. Today, is one such day as both neighboring countries come together, so people are going to get stuck to their television sets. Yes, I know about the soccer fever in CR. I love soccer and I support FC Barcelona.

      1. Thank you for the information. We have similar mania here about football. The thing i dislike about competition is that you knoe someone is going to lose and they are all playing and praying to win. Good luck with your game today. I hope no one gets hurt.

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