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Every Journey Comes to an End, So Is This One

India Destinations Blog Journey

Writing travel posts makes me happy. When I publish a post, I am nervous like a school kid waiting for exam results and excited as a baby. It is a feeling that is hard to explain in words because every new travel, food, shopping post is about sharing experiences and stories and information that I felt, heard, and know. When I started my blog in mid-2013, my sole intention was to write for myself. I had no intention to reach out to a particular audience. However, I gradually got few readers and my intentions changed. By the end of 2013, I was writing for readers who enjoyed reading more about India. In February 2014, things changed drastically when I met a group of people who have now become my global extended family. My acquaintances with new people across the globe inspired me to turn myself into a virtual Indian tour guide bringing out the best of India through my travel, food and shopping post. However, every journey has an end and so is this one.

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My First Love – My Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

My Ray-Ban Sunglasses

While I certainly love to be a part of the Cherished Blogfest, the biggest challenge for me is to pick that one particular thing that I cherish the most. Most people divide history into B.C. and A.D., for me on a personal level my life history is divided into W.P (With Parents) and A.P. (After Parents). For me, life before 1994-95 was completely different and then everything changed drastically when my parents passed away. I’m not trying to gain an emotional mileage here, but gradually you’ll see my point. I completely understand that all people have to go through this life cycle, so let me quickly jump out of this on to the actual topic.

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Cherished Blogfest 2: Share Your Story With The World Once Again

Cherished Badge 2016

Cherished Badge 2016

Life is a struggle and no matter where we are, whatever we become, no matter the amount of money we accumulate, we still have to go through the ups and downs that life mockingly throws at us. The journey of life is always filled with adventures, sorrows and happiness – it’s a complete package, you can’t escape it. Some emerge victoriously, some drown in the abyss of depression and death, the choice is completely ours to make.

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Bad Time, Good Time, Watch It

Timex Lextra Watch

Timex Lextra Watch

NOTE: This is not my regular travel post. This post is for the ‘Cherished Blogfest’.

Life today is fast and hectic, no matter wherever we are. We want to do multiple things at the same time, earn more money, and achieve more fame and so on. Basically, there is no end to our greed. The more we have, the more we want, and we want more because we want more happiness.

However, if we slow down our life a little bit, we begin to find moments and things that give us true happiness – moments that we cherish, things that we hold dearly. Happiness is hidden somewhere inside us, not outside. Probably, we don’t really think of it at present because we are too busy in this weird fast life of ours, but these things that bring us happiness are lying around somewhere in our closet, our basement, our garage and most important of all – in deep crevices of our heart.

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