1. Birds are so fascinating and I love watching them.
    I enjoyed reading about your different birds. My favourite was the Spotted Munia. I think even I’d be able to recognize that one with such distinctive markings.

    1. Munia is so tiny and she is so quick in the air. I almost thought she was a sparrow while in the air, it was only later I saw those scale design and realized the difference. My favorite is the Golden Oriole. You should listen to his calling. Sweet. But he is so shy he gave me a tough time while shooting pictures.

  2. I love photos of birds. These are wonderful. I get a few every week while walking around, but I mostly only have common birds. You have quite a collection. The Drongo on the wire looks like a tough guy, I really like that photo. Nicely done!

  3. Hi – I love your photos and nature writing – came here from dan’s blog by the way!
    Anyhow – I agree with Joanne with finding it tough to photograph birds! You have a talent
    And my fav pic here is the Drango in the man made fence – what an artsy tail!!

    1. Thank you for your time and comment. When I used to watch NatGeo and Discovery I was always excited by the kind of videos and photographs they capture. I never knew how hard it was to fit them in a frame until I tried it. Waiting like a scarecrow, quiet and still until some bird feels pity on you and comes to check you out. 🙂 Drongo is a fierce bird and they are more active during sunset hours and like you said they have this sort of double-hook artistic tail. I haven’t really gone through your blog in details (I will do that in next few days), but while I was reading I read that the actual intended audience never visited your blog. So, was curious to know who were your actual intended audience? 🙂

      1. Hey – thanks for the reply!
        For a second I was right there with you as you waited and the birds 🐦 came to you.
        In 2008 We put a huge row of trees along our back fence and in the last few years the birds have been good company – but no good photos at all!
        Well one – which is actually from out front and the bird was inside my neighbor’s tire spokes – cute photo!
        Oh and wow – that question brings me back.
        I will keep it short….
        I spoke up to someone at a cookout and was looking like a big crank – when actually this dude is the crank and offends people left and right.
        Well he was cross contaminating hamburgers and I pointed it out – and I had also spoke up about something before that and so I felt bad after the cookout and in the next few days – went into my WP blog – which had been sitting as I had a website and four other blogs – not WP ones (I was a teacher)
        Anyhow – I made like six or seven posts and told my hubs that it would be a place where they could see my heart – and that I was not just a crabby hamburger police lady.
        After those posts, I was about to let it go dormant – but would stay there if they wanted to see sides of me you don’t see at potlucks and pool parties-
        But then I had followers –
        And more followers
        And that was fun.
        I posted lit for months and then did photo challenges and it really helped me have a hobby and hone skills.
        Ok – your turn – why did you start blogging?

      2. Now, I’m really excited to read your posts, so I have that in my to-do-list. Why I started blogging can run into pages, but to keep it short and simple. I am a professional content writer. So when I started my freelance journey I was mostly ghostwriting. I was writing for my clients 10 hours a day, but I had no profile of my own. I was more of a ghost than a ghostwriter so I decided to write a blog to be visible online. I thought writing on travel would be good because I love to travel. So I started writing particularly about India travel for the Indian audience, but like yours my blog never received the intended audience. I started getting more of international audience excited to know more about India. I get emails asking some crazy questions about honeymoon and shopping although I’m no honeymoon expert here, but it was fun so I continue writing on topics which you don’t find on the internet. I pick topics which you don’t find on apps and travel websites. Further in the future, I want to make this blog into my business. I don’t claim to be an exceptional travel writer, but I think I’m good at storytelling so I will use that to my advantage.

      3. Oh that sounds like a good strategy – and as I read it just now – I felt a genuine and ethical approach – if that makes sense. Maybe not the best words, but it just seemed like an assertive way to build a business versus some of the more aggressive approach that comes with force and maybe too strong – I dunno – but it also sounds like you are letting it unfold and willing to meander with it – and that is cool.

        Have a good day and I’ll be back this weekend

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