Every Journey Comes to an End, So Is This One

India Destinations Blog Journey

Writing travel posts makes me happy. When I publish a post, I am nervous like a school kid waiting for exam results and excited as a baby. It is a feeling that is hard to explain in words because every new travel, food, shopping post is about sharing experiences and stories and information that I felt, heard, and know. When I started my blog in mid-2013, my sole intention was to write for myself. I had no intention to reach out to a particular audience. However, I gradually got few readers and my intentions changed. By the end of 2013, I was writing for readers who enjoyed reading more about India. In February 2014, things changed drastically when I met a group of people who have now become my global extended family. My acquaintances with new people across the globe inspired me to turn myself into a virtual Indian tour guide bringing out the best of India through my travel, food and shopping post. However, every journey has an end and so is this one.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t written a single post lately. This is the last post on India Destinations blog because I have decided to end this journey here. The reason why I have decided to discontinue writing blog posts here is because I have upgraded to a paid self-hosted travel site.

Travel India Destinations Logo

My New Travel Site Logo

My new travel website is – http://www.travelindiadestinations.com/

NOTE: I would request you to visit the above URL and subscribe/follow my new travel blog via email. You may also hit LIKE on my social media profiles and handles so that you can stay updated and get email notification when I upload a new post.

Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/travelindiadestinationscom-1762279290758629/




Also, I would like you to remember that the earlier blog was “India Destinations Blog”, but the new travel site is “Travel India Destinations”. So, there’s this minor change in the title which can be a bit confusing.

Feedback: I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about the layout of the new site and my new travel site logo.

The new travel site will continue to have similar kind of blog posts and informative articles on India. However, I want to expand it beyond just-another-travel-blog and incorporate few elements which would enhance your online reading experience.

I will continue to work hard and deliver good content, but I need your love and support for it because I believe “no artist in the world can become great without a great audience”, and the same applies to me.

I would also take this opportunity for thanking all my readers and subscribers. I appreciate that you visit my blog, read posts and comment on it and inspire me to write on a variety of topics that I could have never thought of.

Thank you for your time and see you now on Travel India Destinations.com


    1. Thank you, Joanne. All this wouldn’t have been possible without love and support from fellow bloggers and readers like you. So, credit goes to you and others who have pushed me to the next level. I am grateful to you all. I have updated the links to my social media profiles within the post, so kindly follow me on Facebook and Twitter as well. 🙂

      1. Done … well except Twitter. I’m not active there.

        You might want to consider changing the link on your gravatar which still connects back to your old blog.

  1. Farewell to the road of confinement and hello to the world of possibility! I know you will be successful with whatever you do, and as ling as you leave detour signs, I will follow. I LOVE the froggie photo. 💕

      1. Are you able to subscribe to my site? I mean have you tried it. I guess yesterday few people tried but there was some issue. I got it rectified so just checking. Right now the biggest challenge is to make sure everything is working fine. I make a few changes here and there and some feature goes wrong. Phew! the content transfer is a huge challenge.

  2. Congratulations, Sharukh! I love the new look! Did notice your absence of posts. Hoped it was for a good reason, and it was! Looking forward to following your new adventures! 💛 Christine

    1. Sorry for the late response. The absence was not mainly because of the site, but lots of other things happening. You know life is a roller coaster ride. I was down in November and December, but I am fighting back with everything I got. Thank you for all your unconditional love and support.

      1. Sharukh, so sorry to hear you were “down” for a few months. Hoping yo are back “up” and feeling better. Yes, life does deal us challenges, and some days feels like a roller coaster ride! Take care! 💛 Christine

  3. Sharukh, cannot find (on my iPhone) a follow button on your new site. Will try on my iMac! Perhaps your followers are automatically transferred over to the new site? Don’t want to miss any new posts💛 Christine

    1. Got it figured out even on the iPhone. Just need to subscribe to the newsletter! Duh! I’m techie challenged! Must say though viewing your new website on my iMac is pretty incredible. The banner of daisies goes beautifully with the yellow colored logo! Nicely done, Sharukh! 💛 Christine

      1. Well I am equally tech handicap as anyone else. I guess I made few errors and ruined up few settings. I gotta call my web developer tomorrow to fix it. Were you able to get email confirmation after subscribing to the newsletter?

      2. No e-mail confirmation yet. I subscribed twice to make sure, and didn’t get a usual message stating that I already subscribed. Something to check with your web developer. Also not sure how to click like or make a comment on the new website. Know the content is from last year, so maybe the older posts are closed to likes & comments? 💛C.

      3. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. There was this glitch in the code of the site. I have got it rectified so I would request you to kindly visit the site and subscribe. This theme doesn’t have a like button. It has a heart button like on Instagram. You will find the heart button right after the post endings. The heart button is along with the social media buttons. The comment section follows after it. Would you want me to email you the screenshot for your convenience? 🙂 You can also like and comment on the older posts.

      4. Thanks Sharukh! Appreciate you sending information about your new website, and the offer to send a screenshot. I’m sure I can re-subscribe with no problem. Looking forward to your posts and browsing your new website features. 💛 Christine

      5. The banner will eventually go because someday I will hopefully collaborate with hotels and companies and earn from it. I’m glad you like the site layout and the logo. I have spent countless hours on narrowing down what comes where. The logo is my original creation which I forwarded to the designer and got it enhanced. I instinctively decided yellow color for its eye-catching factor.

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