1. Excellent post, Sharukh. Thanks for the “tour” of India on bicycle. I am amazed at the number of items, and the weight of some of them, that are carried on bicycles, along with the various uses. The refrigerator and load of garbage made me chuckle. How do they keep those things on the bike?

    After getting a rickshaw type bicycle ride at Lambeau Field last fall, I realized what kind of leg strength the bicyclists must have to carry people around. For anyone who regularly hauls themselves and additional weight around on a bicycle, they have to be in good physical shape.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mary. I’m glad you liked it. Indians are way too good at balancing loads on a bicycle.The bicycle rickshaw is more popular in the northern states than in the central and southern parts. However, when I visited the capital city New Delhi, I took a ride. I felt bad that someone has to put a physical effort to haul me and my wife, but I also felt good because I was giving him business. If most customers think of not using their services, they would be in a tight financial situation. Yes, these guys don’t enjoy a very healthy diet, but they still have to be out on the road in the heat hauling passengers and people. It’s a pretty demanding job and I always pray that they earn decent income to keep the food on the table for their family.

  2. This was a great post Sharukh. I remember your post about the Mumbai Dabbawallahs. I thought that was amazing. New York City is starting to see a rise in the bicycle powered rickshaws, but I’m still a fan of a person on a bike, going where he or she needs to go. I enjoyed seeing all the ways bicycles are used on a daily basis in your city.

    1. Really? Next time you visit NYC do take a picture, if possible. I can show my friends out here. This was a very spontaneous post. I woke up after an afternoon nap and the idea just clicked in my mind. Having said that I guess I got to bid you good night, I just saw the time and it’s 3:40 a.m. take care my friend.

  3. Sharukh, a great post! Thank you for an amazing tour of working bicycles in your country! Your photos are incredibly colorful and detailed! 💛 Christine Elizabeth

    1. I’m glad you liked the post. When Mary mentioned about the challenge I was busy with my train posts. I love bicycles, but I was unsure what and how I will write the post and keep it interesting. If you ever find any of my content boring do let me know because that will keep me aware of where I went wrong.

  4. Fabulous post and how did I miss it earlier. I loved all your pictures. So thoughtfully collected and compiled. All that information – well, I never knew 😉

    1. Thank you, Parul, for your kind comments. One of my blogger friends inspired me to write on two-wheeled vehicles. Since I don’t know how to ride a bike, I thought a bicycle is the best way to go about. Surprisingly, I thought of this topic while asleep and as soon as I woke up, I typed it. This is one of my most spontaneous posts ever.

  5. I really enjoyed this post. I could relate to the knife sharpening guy … we have a guy who comes by our neighbourhood every couple of weeks … but he’s converted a truck rather than a bike!!
    I’m in awe of the guys hauling all that garbage. I have enough trouble staying on my bike with just me on it. Can’t imagine the effort of what they are doing!

  6. Hey Sharukh,
    I am here to your lovely space and exploring it. Loved this post. You have covered every sector Cycle has benefited.You have reminded me of all the street vendors who are making our lives easy.

    1. Hi Upasna, Thank you for visiting my blog, exploring it and loving the bicycle post. I love cycling, although I haven’t done cycling in years now, after my bicycle accident, but when one of my fellow blog friends challenged me to write on bicycles, I couldn’t wait to write this. I loved your About Me write up and I have subscribed to your blog to ensure I can read many posts of yours as well.

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