Lonavala – The Most Common Hill Station in Maharashtra

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Mumbai Pune Expressway

Mumbai Pune Expressway




  1. Thanks for another great post about an Indian destination I would have never known about otherwise, I love the pictures that you chose to illustrate these posts, such beautiful countryside. It seems counter-intuitive that people would travel here during the monsoons, but I can see why. Somehow I figured people would just hunker down and wait out the storm. That’s why I enjoy reading these posts, I learn something new. I like th photo with Ronald McDonald – you actually look happier than he does!

    1. Thanks for the comments. I am always happy to be here in Lonavala. I guess I am happier because I get the company of my sister, my nephew, my niece and my favorite fire temple and this time I also had my wife along with me. So, now you know why I am happier than Ronald 🙂

  2. It reminds me so much of the cloud forests here in Cista Rica! As always, wonderful insight and valuable information about more of the tourist offerings of India. Love the shot of you and “uncle Ronny”. My ex was big time management in McDonald’s so I spent better than 15 years in that system. I don’t eat there anymore. 😊 the photo of Sarah is very sweet.

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