Vasai History – A Glimpse of Its Past and The Present

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Fishing Boats in Vasai

Fishing Boats in Vasai



  1. Wow! What an interesting past life this city has had/endured. Your photos are beautiful. I like the views of the parts of the city, as you explain the history. Thanks for the tour and thd history lesson.

      1. The fort and the beach is around 6 miles from my place. I forgot to mention but recently the archeological team excavated treasures and found a secret door as well in the fort. Not much has been written about it at the moment.

  2. Vasai has such an interesting history. Wonder why we never took to the subject in school. There are so many influences that go into the making of a city – a bit from all its past rulers. I loved your pictures – the one with the fishing boats looks so colour coordinated, the fort is gorgeous too and so much greenery. Lovely.

    1. Thanks for visiting the post and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I believe history is a very interesting subject, provided how it’s told. I understand people don’t like to read history books which includes all my friends and family members, so I do some research and then re-tell the same events in my own way with pictures. If you enjoyed this, I recommend you read my other post on Bajirao Peshwa which is my most researched post.

  3. Sharukh, I’m a little behind in reading your Vasai posts! Thanks for the history lesson and tour through your photographs. It’s so interesting to see these pieces of India and its culture.

    1. No worries. I understand we all are busy juggling personal and professional commitments. I’m glad you’re having a great time reading my posts. Do read the Vasai bird series whenever you find spare time. Your comments are much appreciated.

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