Becoming Mumbai Travel Guide for Iris and Angel

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Flora Fountain Fort Mumbai

Me with Iris & Angel at the Flora Fountain – Mumbai



  1. This was terrific Sharukh! I am envious of Iris and Angel but so happy they had you and Sarah to give them such a marvelous tour of your city. When I told my husband about your day and that I was envious, he told me to start saving! Who knows? I really need to visit Ireland and England as it is heavy on my heart but perhaps I can take a long way around when I go. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. 😀👏🏻

    1. I and Sarah would be so glad to receive you in Mumbai and show you the city around. I know you want the train trip in the mountains and I will arrange that for you and your hubby. So, start saving.

  2. It’s always awesome to connect with Iris and Angel, showing them SoBo. You making me jealous with your Mumbai posts and I am tempted to do a special SoBo feature. I was staying in SoBo only. It always rocks. Awesome post:)

    1. Well, South Bombay is my home too, so I have a special connection with this place. When Iris and Angel asked me to help them with the tour, I was excited to show them the place I call home. I’m waiting for your SoBo special feature.

  3. What a kind and thoughtful tour you planned!! I imagine Iris and Angel were thrilled with the day because I would have been for sure. I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a day in an unfamiliar city than with a local.
    It sounds like you had a lot of fun showcasing your city in spite of your anxiety in the beginning 🙂

    1. I guess the thoughtfulness came in because of the anxiety. I was a bit nervous, so I wanted to make sure I prepare well rather than making myself look like a fool in front of my guests. I and Sarah usually plan our outings and I did the same here. Yes, touring the city with a local certainly helps and I enjoyed touring the city more than anybody else. I think I never knew of this hidden talent in me. I always thought I’m not good enough at being a guide, but this experience was quite encouraging. I also give credit to Iris and Angel who were very cooperative and understanding.

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