Mountain Railways in India: A Journey into the Past

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Mountain Railway India

Mountain Railway India




  1. I am so glad you are continuing the train posts Sharukh. These are wonderful trains. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway seems like a great way to spend five hours, especially since I love bridges and tunnels and I love it when trains turn and I get to see the rest of the train from my window. I’m not too surprised to see steam in use, they are very powerful locomotives.

    1. I wouldn’t mind to travel even if it takes more than 5 hours. I and Sarah love to see the rest of the train when it turns and snakes through the mountain terrain. I’m usually more focused on taking pictures. I’m not very knowledgeable about the technical aspects, but I hear that steam locomotives are way too powerful than diesel and electric locomotives. I wonder why.

      1. It’s all in how you measure horsepower and “tractive energy”. The later is needed to get the train moving from rest. Steam snd diesel-electric locos differ in the regard. It’s been said that “A steam locomotive of the right size will run the wheels off a train it can’t possibly get started. A diesel-electric set can start a train it can’t run.” They each havd their A steam locomotive of the right size will run the wheels off a train it can’t possibly get started. A diesel-electric set can start a train it can’t run. They each have benefits but getting a steam engine ready to run is a lot of work.

      2. I really appreciate you explaining me the dynamics of steam and diesel loco, but I still didn’t get it. Not your fault, physics and mathematics never get into my head. That should explain you why I chose Arts in college 🙂

  2. Sharukh, I would love to ride any one of the trains, but the Nilgiri is the most intriguing. Five hours to travel 29 miles? Or is that round trip? No matter, I would so enjoy the scenery, the curves and tunnels during that time. Thanks for this piece of Indian railway. I found it truly fascinating and it was cool to see a photo of Darjeeling. Pretty city!

    1. I believe most people are liking the Nilgiris part. Yeah, five hours for one-way trip because of the steep slope. In case, you wanna see the train quickly. Type Chaiya Chaiya in YouTube. There’s a song shot entirely on the train. Insanely hit song.

    1. Thank you Vishal for taking out the time to read the content. I’m always passionate about trains and I want to bring out fresh and less known facts to the readers. While writing the Train Series, I came across so many facts that surprised me, of course, I can’t put so much data, but I have tried my best to compile all of it in an interesting way. I just want to make sure readers don’t get bored of my content.

  3. Thunderstorm hit and I had to run before commenting. I loved the Darjeeling Railway Train’s colors, a vibrant blue not seen much in objects. Pictures are wonderful, Sharukh; are these yours?

  4. Sharukh, incredible description of your country’s train system. Yep, along with the photos, I experienced a mental journey. No favorites on the trains, I liked them all! Each has it’s own special task. India is an intriguing land brought to us through your posts. Thank you! 💛 Elizabeth

    1. I’m glad you liked the post. Trains are the lifeline of India. Millions travel daily in Indian trains including me. This post is my way of saluting all those who work hard behind-the-scenes to make our journeys memorable. I think they deserve a global recognition, no matter what class they belong.

      1. Agree wholeheartedly! The behind-the-scenes workers must have a special passion for their jobs. Look at the beautiful scenery they work in everyday! E.

  5. That is a fascinating post! Thank you for writing it 🙂
    P.S: Do visit Neral-Matheran railway in the future! It’s closed as of now for upgradation work but hopefully it ‘ll be up and running soon. Also, it has the sharpest curve in the Indian Railway near the ‘One Kiss tunnel’ 🙂

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