Top 5 Heritage and Luxury Tourist Trains of India

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Palace on Wheel Landscape

Palace on Wheel Landscape



  1. These all look like they would be fantastic journeys. To travel like royalty! I think my favorite would be the Maharaja Express becsuse of the places you can explore. It’s a very interesting mix of history. Thank you so much for sharing your trains with us!

    1. Okay, so you’re going with the most expensive one. You didn’t mention which package you would choose and why? The places in the first 3 trains are similar, so why ME and not the other two, if I may ask.

      1. I don’t know. Americans seem way more interested in the destination than the journey these days. I know there are special trains, around holidays or events, but I don’t think the idea of luxury travel would sell here.

  2. All I can say is *WOW*. The rich really do travel differently, don’t they?!! The most impressive looking to me was the lounge car on the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.

      1. I confess my knowledge of India is so poor, I wouldn’t be able to judge one package from another based on its destinations.
        I would be inclined to go with Royal Rajasthan on Wheels because of that awesome lounge … and the elephant ride. That’s something still outstanding on my wish list 🙂

      2. I haven’t ride it, but I have touched and felt it when I was in school. I was pretty scared of his giant size, I felt like I was a pea in front of a pumpkin.

  3. If I had to travel by train in India, this is the way to go…given that I had the funds. I have questions, though: Is the cost you mention in US dollars? Also, I’m wonder what kind of trip you get on the Royal Rajasthan for $875. Is that a shorter trip, fewer days?

    I got excited when reading about the Palace on Wheels and the spa “saloon.” For a second, I was thinking it was some sort of wine and massage car, but then realized you already mentioned the meaning of a saloon in regard to the train, which is far different than the meaning of my saloon (bar, tavern). So, now, Sharukh, you know where my mind goes.

    This is a great post. The luxury trains of India are definitely special and beautiful. I imagine the views are outstanding as well.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, the rates mentioned are in US dollars excluding taxes. The duration is mostly 7 Nights 8 Days, so even when you pick Royal Rajasthan you get the same trip duration, however,for $875 you get a junior suite, you can see the picture of junior suite in Maharaja Express section, something like that. To be honest, Royal Rajasthan offers better value for money experience for those who want to spend less on room space and luxury, but the itinerary is almost identical. So you prefer a train that has a bigger lavish bar, huh?

      1. I would probably spend less on the junior suite, because I would be more interested in the view from the windows. No need for a big lavish bar, but a glass of wine, after a massage, on any bar stool, would be fine 🙂

      2. You and I think similar. I won’t care for the room space and decor, all I want is a great view and great experience. In fact, I would choose Deccan Odyssey because in terms of overall value this train offers the most.

  4. The perfect tribute to our trains. Travelling by rail is a new experience in travel to make it worthwhile. It seems that next time I am here, I should travel and I am sure I’ll be spoiled for choice.

    1. Thanks Vishal. All this month, every Saturday, I’m writing about Indian Railways, so if you liked this, wait for my next post that will take you on a different journey altogether. This is my way of showcasing India to the international audience and also to various Indians who might not know much about these trains.

      1. I believe The Golden Chariot. I love the decor and feel of the interiors and the destinations would be very intriguing to me.

  5. Loved this post! Indian culture is not afraid of color, which both Mitchell and I love too. Being in the upholstery conservation business, the love of fabric and trims is also there for us — he looked over my should on this one. I wish we could travel — I’d do one of these in a heartbeat. BTW, American dollars?

  6. Train rides have always found a special corner in my heart. Your post just reminded me of my school days when we used to visit our grandparents place in kerala, during summer vacations. Three day journey, covering all terains and places. Each day you wake up with a different landscape in front of you. Train rides just make you realise that no matter what the destination may be, but the journey is always beautiful. For me trains are also a metaphor for living in the present, see the sky change its color and landscapes unfold in front of you. A luxury ride in one of the above trains would be a treat in itself, but I would still prefer a ride along these routes in a sleeper compartment where the morning fresh air of the mountains can wish you morning and the stars filled sky can put you to a peaceful sleep. You just made me nostalgic in short 🙂

    Thanks for such a beautiful yet informative post.

    India is amazing.

    1. Thank you, Ashish, for your comment and kind words. Yes, as a middle-class Indian I love to travel in regular trains rather than these luxurious ones. Regular trains offer you the fresh air than these trains do not offer, but this post is a part of a train-series which I wrote for my readers. If you love trains, do read my other 3 posts on trains as well and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of information that will surprise you. India, as you said, is truly amazing.

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