1. Sharukh, this post is packed with lots of good information for those planning to travel by rail in India. I have to ask if you’ve ever tried to sleep in one of the sleeper cars. It doesn’t look very comfy or private, although I suppose if you’re really tired neither matters.

    1. Not yet. I usually pick 2AC or 1AC because I have Sarah with me. However, during my bachelor days I have traveled in worse conditions than what you see in the sleeper class picture. In India, privacy is a luxury thing.

  2. I enjoyed this post Sharukh. It sounds like train travel there isn’t that different, except for the fact that you have many more trains than we do. I’ve traveled by train fairly often, but not more than 5-6 times a year. Mostly, my trips are done in a single day. I hope to travel longer distances at some point. I look forward to the next few posts.

    1. Same here. I usually don’t travel too far, so most of my trips last only for 4-5 hours and at that time I choose a regular coach, instead of the AC coach because I prefer the cool breeze from the window than AC. However, when I go for long distance journeys I choose the AC option.

  3. A great post on train journeys. These are great information for safe and efficient travel. When I was in India, would got to CST for my booking on a Wednesday afternoon by 4 or 5 and in an hour I was done. It worked for me:)

    1. There will be more train posts coming up every Saturday in May. I tried my best to collate data and put it in an interesting way. I agree, CST has so many ticket windows things can speed up, plus the afternoon time factor works.

  4. I’ve taken many trips on a long distance train from university to my home in the north. I usually had a sleeper car for the 15 hour overnight trip and I loved the gentle rocking of the train while I tried to sleep.
    I noticed the sleeper cars in your photos seem to have no bedding, while the train I took did. Unfortunately, the train was discontinued a few years ago as too expensive to operate. It’s such a shame since trains are so much nicer to travel on than buses.

  5. I haven’t traveled long distances on trains, and I have never been to India, and I found this post to be fascinating. Very well-written and informative. I enjoyed the photos as well. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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