Six Smart Ways to Save Big on Airfare

Cheap TicketsIf you ever wondered how your friends or colleagues manage to bag unrealistically good deals on flight tickets, or have been procrastinating your travel plans due to high airfare, or even if you simply wish to learn the art of getting low airfare – congratulations – you have reached the right place. Covering everything ranging from when to fly to making wise buying decisions, this post discusses six ways to get the best bargains on air ticket bookings.

Let’s take a look.

1. Don’t Limit Yourself to One Carrier
As the market is swamped with a plethora of mobile apps and aggregating websites, travelers no longer need to limit themselves to just one airline. Many aviation websites have made it possible to get average seat prices and compare them with another carrier to ensure the best deal possible- all under a single hood. Next time you purchase flight ticket, don’t forget to compare different airlines fares for the same route before you hit checkout.
2. Wait for the Right Time to Buy Tickets
Knowing when to buy flight tickets can be the best tip to save money on your next trip. Several independent studies have shown that buying tickets 49 days in advance is the best time to purchase flight tickets, especially for domestic flights. Nevertheless, all bets are off if you’re traveling for a holiday or other peak hours. Also, buying tickets within 14 days of actual take off time and even 3-4 months before the takeoff can cost you heavy on your pocket. If you are looking for a bargain, make sure you purchase tickets well in advance, which means as soon as the airlines start realigning seat prices (a process known as yield management.)
3. Don’t Rush the Purchase
If you are desperately looking forward to cutting down on your flying cost, it would be a bad idea to rush into paying for your flight without exhausting all your options. Hold on to your impulses until you are sure you have explored all available options and there are no more competitive offers from other airlines, alternate airports, or a different destination. In you have the flexibility to change the date of your travel, the best way to save money is to reschedule you travel for the day for which you are able to secure a good deal on airfare.
4. Don’t Limit Yourself to the Exact Destination
Perhaps you are considering a trip to Goa, but can’t find any bargain on direct flights to the city. We advise you to expand your range of choices and look for flights to nearby destinations, such as Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune, places which offer manageable and affordable overland journey to Goa. It is always wise to check airfare for flights to places in close proximity to your desired destination. Also, you never know by doing so, you may get to explore a new place.
5. Sign Up for Electronic Airfare Alerts
The best way to crack deals on fluctuating airfare is to subscribe to alerts from several aviation websites. You get notified as soon as the sale starts or the service provider comes up with different discount schemes. Acting quickly on a deal of your interest can help you save a lot of money. Some apps/websites, even offer customized services by allowing you to set fare alerts for your specific route so that you don’t have to visit the website again and again.
6. Factor in Extra Baggage and Related Fees
Different carriers have different policies for baggage. Travelers must include extra baggage fees into their buying decision. With some airlines, if you pay for your extra baggage ahead of time you save yourself from paying an extra premium, you otherwise have to pay if you wait for the last moment. Visit airline website to learn more about all additional charges you may be asked to pay even after you have purchased the ticket. If you are purchasing tickets from a third party aviation website, make sure you read all the information provided for your chosen flight before making the purchasing decision.
The Bottom Line
To stay on top of fluctuating airfares, travelers should be aware of tools that can keep them ahead of the competition. A booking app that brings users latest information on airfare trend offers easy air ticket booking, alternative airport, and airline options, all in real time mode make the best tool to ensure great bargains on airfare. Don’t forget, “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice!”

Author Bio: Rakhi Gupta is a marketer and travel blogger. She talks about how she became interested in international travel, and where she would like to go from here. She loves to connect with people on Twitter.



  1. Well as you can tell – I am still peeking around your blog –
    And I like the tip about flexible destinations – recently heard some folks fly into Ireland and than take cheap flights from there to travel throughout Europe

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