7 Simple and Effective Travel Tips for Safe Journeys in India

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  1. Sharukh, great tips for all international travel. I’d say anywhere. There’s travel peril even your own country! Thanks for this post! Happy Sunday! 💛 Elizabeth

    1. People are scared of the stories that media create so I thought let me write something about travel safety. The world out there is not as bad as it is shown, but then you can’t take things for granted as well.

  2. Wise and sensible advice, and obvious too in hindsight of reading this. For a European visitor to India the ‘being invisible’ bit is easier said than done but your advice still applies – don’t be too obvious about your wealth and belongings or do too much to draw attention.

    1. You’re probably right on that. For a European it would be hard to ‘be invisible’ but the dress factor still works. My trainer in Microsoft was from Maryland USA and she wore Indian clothing, so we never thought of her as an American, we thought of her as she was one of us. It just works psychologically.

  3. That’s all very good advice, no matter where one travels…such as traveling light, checking accommodations, blending in and not stuffing your wallet or purse. I’m always very cognizant of my purse and never leave it out of my sight when I travel in the U.S.

    1. Thanks for commenting and sharing your views, Mary. When it comes to money, I usually divide the money I have. So some bills are in my left pocket, some in the right, some in my bag, some in my pouch, some in Sarah’s purse. This way I am never out of money even if my wallet or bag is stolen. Although, I have never been a pickpocket victim, so far. In the US, how helpful are cops when you report stolen purse or wallet?

  4. These are must Dos for travel. It’s important to take these things into consideration for safe and secure travel. I normally dress simple with tee, jeans and lock my money, documents in the luggage where I am staying and keep the key.

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