1. Sharukh, Incredible place and photos, plus your hike to the top with views! There are so many beautiful places in India away from the crowded cities. People learn about them from your interesting travels & blog posts! Happy week! 💛 Elizabeth

  2. Great photos and lots of interesting information and history here Sharukh. It’s funny that you mentioned the railroad connection. My brother lives in a city that was basically created as s water stop for the railroads.

    I love the photos you share as yours hiking. It seems to encourage your inner child 🙂

  3. Breath-taking clicks, Sharukh. Passed through in the train but never stopped and now feel like kicking my own butt for missing it out. Enjoyed reading the history behind:)

    1. Well, Vishal, the rains come in every year, so try and visit this place this August, if you can make it. I would recommend you to choose a weekday and carry some extra clothes and a towel and enjoy the splash-perience.

    1. To be honest, I have been here so many times, I know the area at the back of my mind. I usually keep hunting for such places where I get some peace of mind, less crowd and where I can be one with the universe.

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