Forgotten Warriors & Lost Kingdoms – Peshwa Bajirao One

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Bajirao Peshwa Statue







  1. This is a fascinating account of some very important military history. Thanks for the effort. The photos are beautiful. As I was reading this, I thought “this sounds like modern tank warfare strategy” so I searched on that and found that some of these battles were mentioned in Field Marshal Montgomery’s book on warfare. He was Britain’s greatest tank commanders.

    1. Yeah. Many of Bajirao’s warfare tactics have been adopted by various other Indian fighters as well, I’m sure many other people must have taken clues and ideas from his battle strategies and implemented in their own style. So, what do you think of this? Good, Bad, Average, Too Long, Too Intensive. I mean this is the first time I attempted something like this, so not sure if I did it right.

      1. You did a very nice job with this. I love history, I love military history, so I’m an easy target, but this was very easy to read and I enjoyed the pictures and, especially the maps. I think without the maps, and a working knowledge of India geography, I would have been lost.

      2. Thank you Dan. I’m glad you liked it. When I began my research I had to decide what to include and exclude otherwise there would be too much content. Next I had to incorporate the maps because without it even Indian readers won’t understand what I am saying.

  2. While I am not a fan of history as it oertains to wars, conquerers and occupations, I do enjoy knowing the evolution of the populactions and cultures of the world which is, of course, directly affected by this very history. You always do a precisely interesting job of presenting fact with curiosity satsifying tidbits. The photos, as always, as beautifully matched to your content. I only would prefer to be sitting and listening to you tell me this information. Then Sarah and I could visit! Nice job.

    1. Thanks Cheryl for visiting and reading the post. Yeah, I realized from the response that not many of my readers are fond of history, although I tried to make it as interesting as possible with maps and war stories. I will switch back to my regular travel posts which I believe are more loved by readers. Yeah, you can fly to India and then you and Sarah can go strolling the streets and mountains, you both are passionate about nature so you have plenty to talk about. 🙂

  3. Incredible account of the history and power of this place ~ and the photographs were fantastic. Thank you very much for taking the time to put this together so well, so completely 🙂

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