The Wait is Over – Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2016

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Kala Ghoda Art

Do You See Me in the Shadows?



  1. Sharukh, wonderful photo gallery as always! Wonder about your thoughts on Crossing the Threshold…Into Junk Art and Waste Materials? Noticed the word Awesome connected to Art Installations! Hmmm…big difference! Thanks for bringing us along with you to this interesting art festival. Elizabeth

    1. Thanks for visiting the post. Well, I have nothing to comment on it. Except, that I feel sad when people ignore the gifts of nature and throw dirt all over. I generally use the word ‘Awesome’. Anything wrong with that?

    1. You’re welcome. Well, I can understand how it feels when you can’t visit it, but on the brighter side if you don’t like the crowd its better to skip it. Thank you for visiting my blog post.

  2. This truly is amazing Sharukh. Thanks for taking us along (in spirit) I love the art work. My favorite I’d the hands and arms and body. It evokes very strong images. Very well done and very nice photographs.

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