5 Best Places & Destinations Where You Can Travel Solo

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Travel Solo

Travel Solo




  1. I don’t know if the ‘Like’ button is ever going to load, but I definitely like this post. This is very well written and the places you have presented are beautiful. I love the mix of information you have provided and I like the whole notion of offering suggestions for people who are hiking alone. Great job!

    1. Thanks Dan. I am just trying to offer something to everyone who visits the site. Since I used to roam alone before I met Sarah, I thought let me write something for those who still prefer to trip alone.

  2. The Rishikesh sunrise is incredible! I’d love to feature it on my Welcome Page Header for this coming week. Plus I’d write a short bio and find a portrait picture to add. Are you okay with this idea? Hopefully, yes! Chryssa (aka Christine)

      1. Yay…happy you said yes! Please do send me more of both sunrises and sunsets. I’ll pick one for the featured header and put the others in the photo gallery (same page & credited to you of course). Chryssa

  3. These are great destinations Sharukh to be with the self and admire scenery, in between making reflections about life. It’s so true, Being Alone, can give us so much joy and bring inner peace cum calm.

  4. Hello! Thanks to C.E. Robinson, I’ve found your site. Lovely, lovely photos and sentiments about traveling alone to a gorgeous, lonesome and spiritual place. Thanks for opening my eyes to places I never knew of. Namaste.

    1. Thanks to Chryssa and you for visiting my tiny India travel blog. My attempt here is to bring forward the “real” India, not a “media sponsored” one. I highlight even those places that never get public attention, but which deserves recognition. Thank you for responding and hope you’ll visit the blog for more such interesting posts.

  5. Thank you this list. These places have been on my list and I so want to explore all. But I prefer going with VT. I have seen Kashid beach on the konkan belt and it was beautiful 🙂 Enjoyed reading this post and all the information that you have shared is superb 🙂

  6. Years ago i spent a spring session studying in the south of France. Being in Europe with a bit of extra time, decided to travel alone… hitchhiking from Paris to Athens and then carrying on to Israel to meet up with a friend and then travel around some more. One of the most memorable trips in my life!

    In India, do lots of solo work travel but that’s not the same as just picking up and going somewhere on your own for exploration. Last time I did that was from Delhi to Shimla then from there an overnight bus to Mussoorie… me, goats, precarious mountain roads, bus breaking down… Yup! Also quite ‘memorable’ too. 🙂

    1. Preethi, I appreciate that you immensely enjoyed reading my blog posts. However, I’m not into accepting any kind of awards and getting into the process of forwarding it. The real award in the true sense to me would be that you enjoy reading the posts and visit repetitively as and when I post something new, or if you want to read older posts. Thanks 🙂 Take Care.

  7. Incredible post! The details provided about the amazing places along with eye-striking pictures mesmerize me. Great destinations to explore when one wish to be out from the hustle-bustle of city life. Will love to explore these places with my friends.

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