5 Foreign-Like Travel Destinations & Places in India for Budget Travelers

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Landscape Three




  1. Wow! I was intrigued by the notion of “Foreign-Like Travel Destinations” but I am very impressed with the way you built this post Sharukh. These destinations look wonderful and they do seem to be as nice as their foreign counterparts. Lovely photos and great descriptions. Great Job!

    1. Thanks Dan for your comment. I try my best to showcase India in the best possible way. Well, although the places look similar there is a difference that the roads may not be as clean as their foreign counterpart.

  2. India has definitely so many wonderful places to visit. I have seen Wayanad in Kerala and Pondicherry. They are beautiful. Yes, the valley of flowers is more beautiful that its foreign counterpart 😛 Lovely post!

    1. India is loaded with so many places we haven’t even explored because these places are not well promoted, secondly they do not have better transport connectivity & accommodation options. Pondicherry is truly beautiful. India’s very own “Little France”.

  3. Wow! I’m speechless. Exactly looks like the foreign counterparts. I appreciate your effort for bringing out the “Foreign-Like Travel Destinations in India”. Impressed with your lovely pictures!

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