1. I always try to purchase something at my local shops. But unfortunately even store clerks have been recommending buying through internet, since they don’t carry the product. This has resulted in not only bankruptcy and empty stores …even malls have been closing down. I believe the internet is the biggest reason why so many countries are in an economic crisis.

    1. Here in India, malls are on the rise. They’ve been here since last 15 years and there are more consumers that love to buy from malls. However, internet shopping is gradually picking up, so malls have time to experiment and lure more customers for the time being.

  2. While it took a long while for us to feel comfortable with online services, Sharukh, we have begun using it more. Holiday shopping is too expensive with all my extended relatives living far away when I have to also package and ship the gifts. As well, we have planned many trips solely using online booking services including hotel and car rentals. We both still prefer shopping at independent retail shops when we can because it has become so difficult for the “little man” in business to stay afloat with the mega stores and cheaper and cheapened products available and the public being far less savvy with their spending. We had our own optical shop once and understand this. But to be assured the best prices for travel, we prefer to do it ourselves and can read reviews and comparison shop before making our arrangements. Things in the world have indeed changed a lot! Great post.

    1. Thank you Cheryl for your comment. I think internet has worked for many of us, but it has also raised the competition to another level, ruining lot of traditional businesses. However, in India we say – Change is Constant, and so we have to keep evolving.

  3. well that was a f***** informative blog. you nailed it. i read ur blog post twice. its very nice. moreover i liked the way you have taken the entire topic into consideration from a fresh perspective.

    its indeed a path breaking write-up. Keep writing. Keep Inspiring.

  4. Well said. Things have changed and are still changing. I have seen friends who go to a mall to try out stuff and then come back home and order it online. That’s how the online retail is revolutionizing things around us.
    Well, I have been impacted to a large extent – A lot of my stuff gets done online and I kind of value the time that I get.
    Informative post!

      1. I’m a completely different breed of customer. For me quality and satisfaction matters. Yes, we get cheaper deals online, but I want to see, touch, feel the product before I buy it.

  5. Fascinating insight into how traditional consumerism is adapting to moderm technology in India. Considering the phenomenal economic growth of India and Asia as whole this embracing of internet shopping and other services doesn’t surprise me… I quite like the personal touch when it comes to shopping and browsing but the ease and convenience of the net can’t be ignored. With so many physical outlets closing thectrendctowards ever increasing online trade will definitely continue for some time. Great post Sharukh..

    1. Thanks Paul for your kind words. India is not just what media shows so I thought let me also bring out other side of how travel is changing here. Glad to hear that you liked it.

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