1. Thank you for taking us (and your camera) along on this hike. The pictures are beautiful and the description leaves me feeling like I was by your side. Such a beautiful area.

  2. Simply magnificent Sharukh. This is my very favorite posting of yours to date. I was with you in spirit I know., with the little dragonfly.😉 You all look so beautiful yhere at the summit and what rich cultural history yo be able to share. Of course no battles or wars are full of happiness but still to stand where ancestors stood always brings me a sense of oneness with everything. The landscape is so incredibel. Sarah and you have beautiful, happy smiles there. And now I am lonely for the mountains. Sigh.
    Thank you so much for this post. I loved it all!

      1. You did a marvelous job. Just enough information really. Love the monkeys! I miss my squirrel monkey friends. Oh but in one of the photos of a wall, what is the writing inscribed on it?

      1. Sounds as if a photo gallery is in order. Maybe a mosaic tile where they are all connected. I love to look at galleries like that. Christine

      2. Great! I’ve done mosaic tile photo galleries for many of my posts. The Welcome Page has lots of sunsets & sunrises from world-wide blogger friends. I just keep adding new ones to the mosaic tile gallery. Check it out for an example.

  3. I clicked over from C. E. Robinson’s blog and had a look around. Too much to see in one look, but I viewed this entire post, and thought it was wonderful, especially since everything is quite unfamiliar to me there. When I have more time, I will browse through some more things. Great job!

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