Hiking Up – Bhaja Caves to Lohagad Fort

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Lohagad Fort from Bhaja Caves Steps

Lohagad Fort from Bhaja Caves Steps



  1. Thank you Sahrukh! I am so enjoying your tale of adventure. Reminds me of our fun in Costa Rica! Wish I could have been there. Everything is so vibrant and brautiful. There are many little “toadside” stands like your shack of hope along the roads in CR. They sell fruits, veggies, fried plantains and sometimes candies s wrll as bottled water and sodas. Even in the remotest mountain areas tou find them. I bet you were so hlad yo see that one. Sahck of Hope indeed. I look forward to your next installment. 😊👍

  2. I love these pictures. This is “hiking” Sharukh and I am glad you take the time to capture the photos and share them with us. I always enjoy reading these posts.

    1. Well, the word hiking is not used here commonly, so majority use the word trekking. I read the difference between the two and realized that you’re right. I have changed the title of both the posts. Thanks for the information. I am glad you love the pictures. I said yes to this trip because I wanted some great shots of the area. Unfortunately, it wasn’t raining. Had it rained that day, the pictures would’ve been more spectacular with mists and clouds all around.

      1. Rain would have made our ‘hike’ bit difficult, but the misty effect would have been lovely. I’ve been here at such times and let me tell you there’s so much fog and mist around you can only see what’s few steps ahead of you, rest is all under the white misty blanket.

  3. This looks amazing– would love to do this hike next time I’m in Mumbai. Thanks for sharing, Sharukh, and sorry about the late comment– my back has been killing me.

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