1. Simply marvelous! It makes me long for our Costa Rica adventures again. Better yet, I really wish to visit other places as well, soaking up the richness of the history of the Earth. You all look wonderful, like you had a lot of fun. And there is beautiful Sarah by your side, you make a lovely couple. I am eager to see the next leg of your adventure!

  2. Sharukh, what an incredible trek. Your photographs and commentary take me right along on every step. Nice to see your blog post this morning. Look forward to more. Christine

    1. Thanks Christine for your comment. I am glad that you enjoyed the post and felt like you were with me all the way along. That was the purpose of the post. We moved further up to the fort and that’s when the challenge got more exciting. Stay tuned for it as that is the next post coming up.

    1. Thanks Jessica for the comment. Yes, we enjoyed it completely although we were exhausted by the time we reached the caves, but we had a higher goal and that was still way too up in the mountains.

    1. Thanks Dan for your support and love. You guys already saw the pictures, but I wanted to share it with my post. Hope the next part of the trek keeps you excited as well.

  3. Sharukh, by the name you are a hero and also by your blog. You have detailed everything about the trek. I had been there once, but went there by car and climbed the steps. Your route described above is more scenic and worth to experience at least once. Keep writing …..

    thanks !

    1. Thank you Yogesh for such a lovely comment. I think when you go by car you get the comfort, but you don’t experience the adventure that comes along. From here, I mean from Bhaja Caves we walked further up to the Lohagad Fort and that part of the trek will soon come up on the blog. Keep reading. Stay connected.

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