Top 5 Trekking Destinations in Maharashtra – Medium & Advanced Level

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Advanced Trekking

Advanced Trekking



  1. I wish I was “Jeanie” and could just blink my way there! Have you ever made these hikes? Also, I would love it if sometime you did a post on your local wildlife, hazards and beauty. Great photos and descriptives here, as always my friend!

    1. Yes, I did during my college days with friends, also few hikes with my sister’s relatives. Its fun to be there, smell the grass, the wet soil, see all those tiny insects and butterflies fluttering around while you move up. I always loved going up, but I was scared coming down because gravity can play tricks on you, plus the loose mud and slippery rocks can lead to accidents, so you have to be double-cautious. Can you please elaborate more on that local wildlife hazards and beauty thing?

      1. That sounds marvelous to me I am certain you know. I love being in the woods. The leeches I would NOT like! Eeek.
        What I mean is that I have seen a few shots of birds from your town, but about the insects, animals and natural wildlife that is in your area? Those things you might encounter on venturing out. You know I have my own little Jurassic world here. Does the monsoon season flush out any particular kind of creatures that become more prevalent?

      2. The Western Ghats as we call them here are almost like Rocky Mountains in North America. The ecosystem is huge and during the monsoon, a completely different group of birds and insects come out. I will certainly cover the insects in one of my forthcoming posts since Cheryl and you are interested in them.

  2. I love this series Sharukh. I love the idea of hiking to a fort. The pictures are awe inspiring and the descriptions would surly encourage me to make the attempt.

    1. You’re welcome and I hope you like my other posts as well as and when you read those. That’s an interesting question from you. Choosing a favorite often puts me in the tight spot. There’s so much to see across India and the world. However, to answer your question, I would say my dream destination is Switzerland. Here you have it.

  3. Hi, Shahrukh. Nice blog. I have a request, please can you implement it? There are many blogs on trekking out there, but the issue is that they do not show the trails exactly (or even naively), in detail. Can you please share the trails using Google Maps or any other way to reach the destination. It will be very helpful to us, who are amateurs.

    Thank You,
    Chetan Waghela.

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