Pulse of Mumbai – Dabbawallahs

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Dabbawallah Art at Kala Ghoda Art Festival

Dabbawallah Art at Kala Ghoda Art Festival




  1. That is incredible Shsrukh. I’ve never heard of this association or service. I’m not surprised that they can be so efficient but to have such a record in the climate you’ve described is amazing.

    1. Not many in India or in the state itself know about them. They deliver on time using public transport like trains and bicycles and handcarts. I sometimes see them walking or cycling out in the summer afternoon with so many lunch boxes dangling on the handle and rear of the cycle. Simply Incredible. This is why I chose them to start off my series.

  2. Wow. Your posts always offer interesting information that I would otherwise have never known. These fellows work hard for their earnings. I can only imagine the comfort it brings someone in their day to see those white shirts approaching, knowing lunch break has arrived!

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