Travel India through Popular Hindi Movie Songs

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  1. My oh my, what a brilliant concept! Really enjoyed the road-trip atmosphere, and the sense of freedom of the open road in the first couple of clips – many a backpacker could glean a few tips on how to really enjoy a travelling adventure from these. The subsequent clips give an awesome panoramic glimpse into the splendour and rich and varied life of this magnificent country and continent; everything from the snow covered summits of the Kashmir to the sun and fun of Goa, and the clip of the dancing on the rain was nothing short of amazing!!!

  2. Sharukh, I’m yet to watch Highway, but I’ve seen all the other clips. I’m yet to see so much of India– but you’re right, I’ve seen a lot of India through movies, without ever realizing it.

  3. Wow! You really put a lot into this post my friend. I really enjoyed all of the songs. I particularly like the When We Met number and the train production. All the scenery was amazing. I love the concept. You could put together movie trailers.

      1. You mean you want movie trailers for these movies? I am a very good translator. I had one friend in Bar Harbor, Maine and I used to translate all Hindi songs for her.

      2. What I really am saying is that you could do it professionally. Your descriptions and viseo pieces look wonderful. Did you put the video together or is that simply taken from the internet? At anyr ate, you did a wonderful job. I enjoyed it very much.

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