Visiting Punjab: The Land of the Sikhs

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Punjab Land of Sikhs

Punjab, The Land of Sikhs




  1. An amazing post about the Punjab – Stunning photography, great historical perspective, and some fascinating little known detail about the region, as well all the regular visitor information. Many thanks for posting this, it brings back a lot of memories for me when I visited the Punjab to attend my best friend’s wedding many many years ago…

    The Rock garden of Chandigarh looks truly magical! It’s definitely another one on my list for when i return to visit India after my ever closer retirement..!

    1. I am happy that you enjoyed this post and you have Chandigarh on your list, but if you are ever in Mumbai, do let me know and we will meet up someday. Chandigarh’s Rock Garden is something very unique that you will only find it here.

  2. I love the pictures. The one with the highway sign is the first time I’ve seen a picture of a road in India that didn’t make me think “I could never drive there” (but I probably still wouldn’t try). Your descriptions make it all sound so interesting. Thanks again for bringing these to us.

    1. Dan, like I mentioned Pathankot and Jalandhar are not big cities, they are like small towns that have developed because they act like satellite cities, so there is less crowd and traffic here. I am glad that you enjoyed the post. Thank you for reading it.

  3. Hiw wonderful to see another post from you! More color, sight, sound and taste if your beautiful country. And you share it so completely and so well. It is easy to imagine oneself walking the streets or viewing some of the fascinating sights and historical buildings. Thanks for sharing more reasons to visit India!

    1. Thank you for the appreciation Cheryl. I always try to make my post into a virtual tour through words and pictures, although sometimes I am not very happy with the content, but I still try to add more details, add history, some unknown facts and make it interesting.

  4. The fish tikka is fatty, but made my mouth water till I yawned. The woman in red is superb. I have seen some extremely pretty Indian women in my life and I have severely cursed the cultural differences between us. Great pics, man.

      1. I have admired some. There is a place in Nairobi, Spring Valley, which is like the Indian estate over here. There are angels there, I tell you. Can’t help appreciating.

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