Celebrating Holi in India: Ignite the Fire, Spread the Color

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Colored Hands of Holi

Colored Hands in Holi




  1. That sounds utterly amazing. And fun. We are having Mardi Gras here right now, which is very colorful and was begun as a part of the Christian Lenten season leading to Easter. But it has become, unfortunately, a place where people from all over come to do whatever crazy, wild and inappropriate things they wish, stay drunk and party in the streets. Sometimes there is violence. Now we only go to local parades. The colors and the differing ways in which the Holi celebration can be experienced seems so wonderful. And a very Happy Birthday to you in advance! Thanks for sharing another beautiful vision of India’s culture and tradition.

    1. Thank you. I try my best to keep reader’s interest high. If you have any ideas or information you want to know about India, or if you want me to cover any topic you are interested in, do let me know. I am always glad to write about something that readers want.

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