Beat the Summer Heat with 5 Awesome Hill Destinations Across India

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Hill Destinations in India

Hill Destinations in India




  1. Shillong is beautiful. I imagine sitting in those shades in the cool of the day. So green, so cool, so serene. Kulu Valley–the river looks rich, and I imagine the sound of its flow. And driving at the edge of those rocks? Tense, suspenseful, delightful. For Coorg, camping in that prolific forest would be wonderful.
    Sharukh, these are beautiful pictures. Do you wonder that after we have destroyed a place to set up cities and industries we wish to run away and search for a natural environment, either in the city’s suburbs or just too far away from it? Isn’t it ironic? Wealthy industrialists and businessmen are usually the first to escape the mess they create! This matter of creating things and afterwards running away from them is such a common motif in human life. Like God creating Adam and then cursing him almost immediately, a bitter, cruel curse that was to last forever. I think that’s where it all began. And that character Victor Frankenstein!!

    1. To be honest, I love being close to the nature. Although, I love Bombay because it is the city I know since childhood, I still decided to move away towards the northern suburbs where I can see greenery, mountains and birds around. Today, many people move away from the city because overpopulation has killed the city inside out. It is true that we make cities and then find peace in hills and mountains. It is like a battle between your mind and your heart. You apply all your logic and ideas and create the best possible cities, but ultimately you follow your heart right into the world of nature.

      1. Nairobi, Kenya. But no, I’ve never been to India. There are millions of Indians around here, though. My company does contracts with some of them from time to time. And you, have you been to Kenya? Or anywhere in Africa?

      2. Indians are all over the globe I know that. Well, I would love to travel the world someday, but no never been to Africa. In fact, sadly never got a chance to step outside India.

      3. You will someday. Where there is a will there is a way. I’m not much of a travelling man myself. My job grounds me here. When I take leave, I stay home and concentrate on writing a novel. Or lecture Mathematics at the university part time. I would love to see the ancient buildings across the globe. Their architecture intrigues. Same architecture throughout. And how those extremely heavy blocks of rocks were raised so high in those days. And how the alignment of celestial bodies can be observed and applied to put up such structures. I feel as if my knowledge of history is exceedingly shallow. What I studied in school feels like a lie, a part of a stratagem designed to misguide me.

  2. Another beautiful post. You really do manage to conjure up all the mystery, excitement, and hidden surprises that India has to offer. The intermittent photographs really bring the piece to life, allowing the reader to pause for breath and just absorb the magnificence that defines the sub continent. Well done on a superb post…

  3. @Shahrukh, thanks for sharing this beautiful travel related blog giving out the best of diverse travel destinations in India. I really like the photographs you have shared here. I am planning an all-India tour soon. I may then be able to add to the information you have already shared.

    1. Hi Varun, I am glad that you really liked the information and pictures on the blog. I wanted to make this travel blog more like a magazine to make it interesting. All-India tour sounds really exciting to me, there is so much to see around India. I am sure you will have some great experiences and knowledge that you can then share on your travel blog. Do let me know when you come down to Mumbai?

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