Invisible Bombay – Flora Fountain and Hutatma Chowk

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  1. Every city has places like this. Thanks for sharing yours. Time has a way of hiding away lots of beauty. At least they weren’t destroyed in the name of progress.

    1. St Thomas Cathedral – 1718
      Flora Fountain – 1864
      Elphinstone College – 1856
      Watson’s Hotel – 1869
      Rajabai Tower (Clock Tower) – 1878
      Mumbai University Building – 1857
      Asiatic Library – 1804

      Only Hutatma Chowk (Matryrs Square) is recent that too in 1960…so even the latest statue is 64 years old.

  2. What a wonderful way to get to know Bombay, theough itts historical places. I love the staue photos tou took. They are so beautiful. These are places you don’t see in most geological photos of the city. I really look forward to your next post!

      1. My favorite photo is the side view of the Goddess Flora. It is a beautiful statue. You really captured the feeling of standing and gazing at them.

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