Why I Want to Visit Navsari Again?


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Navsari Fire Temple

Navsari Fire Temple



    1. Jamie, I don’t have the pictures of the food that we ate, but we had Parsi Prawn Curry, Prawn Patio, Sali per Boti and many such Parsi cuisine items here. I will certainly write something on it only for our group and for you especially. My entire trip for 3 days cost me around Rs.5000 bucks which is equivalent to $100. The lady that owns the rest house, also has her own catering business and it was homemade food. The room rent was $6 for 3 days, lunch and dinner per day (unlimited servings) cost us $12 per day so $36 for 3 days. So we spent around $42 on meals and accommodation and the rest $58 was just for shopping and traveling expenses.

      1. Yeah, I was cleaning my ears to make sure I heard the right rates, because I cannot think of spending 3 days for $100. It should cost me somewhere around $300 to $400 at least.

    1. Yes, peaceful and so economical. If you return on the Navsari post page, in the comment section you will find the amount of money we spent on meals, accommodation and travel. Something that might surprise you, in fact, even I and Sarah were surprised at that point of time.

      1. I just read your information on the cost of your stay. That is amazing. It is the same in Costa Rica. Near Manuel Antonio and San Jose, cost is greater than in lesser populated places. I always find those outer places to be much richer in experience. Thank you again for providing such detail. It was almost like being there. We had a similar experience when we explored the Baru River area and waterfalls near San Isidro, CR.

  1. A superb account, both descriptively and of your own motivations for your visit to Navsari. Like yourself, I too enjoy my time away from all the modern technology that dominates our lives today, and perhaps to imagine and immerse myself in a simpler time and world. I enjoy similar experiences when I go climbing or even remote walking out in the wilderness or high up a mountain; with nothing more than map and compass and modern climbing boots to remind me of the present day, my thoughts and travels at the time could just as easily be those of someone else a century ago. A very enjoyable account…

    1. Thank you. I certainly think one should just take some time out, keep aside the modern technology and just try LIFE, as simple and natural as one can. I would certainly love to climb those mountains with you. Simply Paradise.

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