Why Marine Drive is the Best Place to be in Mumbai?

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Marine Drive Mumbai

Marine Drive Sunset in Mumbai




  1. It might be hard to explain, but you wouldn’t know it from reading this post. This was an excellent description of a special (and clearly special to you) place. Good job!

    1. Thanks Dan. I never really shared this with the world before. However, I decided to put this up on the blog because Marine Drive is a great place to be. I wanted to write only about the place but could not help from writing my true feelings for it. I miss my mother every time I go here, I have spent countless evenings for 16 years here sitting alone after she passed away in 1995 contemplating why life treated me so cruel, but I love this place because I have always gone back home happy and with some great positive thoughts.

      1. I agree with him. I have been living in Mumbai for many years and loved how it was described. I have been doing some research on the place, and I came across a post that said that its actually called Sonapur! is that true?

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