Most Mysterious Places in India that You Must Visit

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Unusual India

It Happens Only in India




  1. Hi Sharukh thanks for sharing this amazing blog. I was are totally unaware of these location. Out of the five destination, my personal favourite would be the Great Banyan Trees. Keep posting such wonderful blog.

    1. Thanks Dan. I am glad that in some way my post provided some information that you had not known so far. Banyan trees are quite common in India. These trees are considered sacred and are attached to many religious practices by Hindus and Buddhists as well. So, did you know about any of these places before?

      1. I did not, and I found the descriptions and pictures fascinating. I should have mentioned that earlier, but I was caught up in the link between the Banyans.

  2. What wonderful info! I have always thought I would like to visit India. Now I know some unique and interesting places to put on my list if ever that day comes. Very good post!

  3. Excellent photos. I would like to come to India to see these great buildings. Rupkund Lake is creepy but cool. And that Kalavantin rock is remarkable. How did they make the stairs?

    1. Peter, there is not much information available about Kalavantin Durg, it’s kind of mystery. However, these are hand carved stairs for sure. There are many stories regarding this place but there is no evidence to prove it. It is not a military place as well, but since it is close to a fort, it is assumed that it is a lookout or a watch tower.

  4. Well done again! Your post here opens up a whole new world of adventure and seemingly fairytale like destinations to be explored and enjoyed. I’m especially intrigued by the kumbhalgarh Fort, which could almost be right out of an Arabian Nights tale.

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