Exploring Top Christmas Holiday Destinations in India that Offer Value for Money Experience

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Christmas Star

Christmas Star




    1. yeah, I am sure you are. So, what’s your plan for Christmas. Do provide me with your email address if you are okay with that. Not here in the comment section but you can email me on pathbreakingwriter@gmail.com or you can connect to me through Twitter or Facebook. The rest info is on the Contact Me page. See ya and thanks for reading most of my blog posts. 🙂 Take Care.

  1. Indeed this is a groundbreaking post by PathBreakingWriter 🙂 Lovely post about Christmas, one of my fav festivals. Precise, well-written and breathtaking snaps!! This one gives lotta information for first-time travellers and that too in the holiday season. Amazing.

    1. Thanks a lot Varun for all the appreciation. I am glad that you liked the post and also the pictures. I try my best to give out simple, straight-forward information to my readers. Do read some of my other Christmas related posts as well and stay connected through email subscription. Hopefully, you will enjoy them all in the months to follow.

  2. How wonderful Sharukh! I know it makes me sound ignorant, but I never even connected Christmas to India celebrations. I know thereare Christians in every country; but I am only just now fully realizing the outside influences of other European cultures on your country. Anothe beautiful and infirmative pist.

    1. Thank you for your comments Cheryl. When you travel India you will come across thousands of places where you can see Gothic and European architecture, even in some of the smallest towns and villages. Almost everybody ruled India, British, French, Portuguese, Mughals, Persians and so on..

  3. Once again Sharukh, you packed this post with absolutely beautify photos and the perfect mix of description and history. I enjoyed reading this and I wish I had read it earlier.

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