Top Navratri Dandiya and Garba Dance Destinations in Mumbai

dandiya destinations in Mumbai

Dandiya Destinations in Mumbai

Festivals and celebrations remain an integral part of Indian culture and while the people of Maharashtra have just finished celebrating the Ganesh Chaturthi festival they are all set to prepare for the Navratri festival which is widely celebrated in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and also in other states of India like Bihar, West Bengal and Delhi. The best part about the Navratri festival is the dandiya and garba dance that happens usually in the evening where people from all walks of life come together and dance their heart out. In literal words Nav which means Nine and ratri which means Night is a celebration of nine nights. However, Navratri is not just about coming together and dancing to the beats of the music. The nine nights symbolize the nine forms of Goddess Durga and the beginning of the autumn season in India. I have seen Navratri bringing together many people together from different religions and social status as they come together and dance to the rhythm of music clapping and whirling around and using dandiya sticks that bring a nice wooden sound that blend well with the music. Here we take a quick look at the top Navratri dandiya and garba dance destinations that you can look out for this Navratri festival in Mumbai.

Goregaon Sports Club, Goregaon Malad Link Road

Falguni Pathak at Goregaon Sports Club Mumbai

Falguni Pathak at Goregaon Sports Club Mumbai

Goregaon Sports Club has been one of the hot spots for those who want to enjoy dandiya and garba in style. So, if you are in the mood to slip into your dancing shoes you can look out for Goregaon Sports Club that can provide you with some great music and dandiya experience. Also let me tell you that since this location is popular the entry fee here can be expensive and therefore you will have to keep track of that information.

Dandiya at Goregaon Sports Club Mumbai

Dandiya at Goregaon Sports Club Mumbai

I would have loved to provide you with that additional information but the rates change every year depending on the band and music group that is performing here live. Usually, it is the Sankalp Dandiya Navratri Group that performs here so you can expect Dandiya Queen Falguni Pathak to add more thrill to the dance and music. However, if you are a big fan of Falguni Pathak and want to see her live in action then you will have to head to Kamgar Krida Bhavan, Elphinstone Road as she will be performing live for Manthan Utsav Dandiya 2013. For those who are still interested in Goregaon Sports Club can look out for the season passes which will cost you around Rs. 3000/- per person while individual day cost will be around Rs. 600/- and more per person approximately.

Kora Kendra Ground, Borivali West

Crowd at Kora Kendra Ground Borivali West

Crowd at Kora Kendra Ground Borivali West

Not too far from Borivali railway station you will find Kora Kendra Ground that also hosts some of the best dandiya and garba dance festival during Navratri where you can enjoy some really great time. Borivali remains one of the prime locations during the Navratri festival because of vast Gujarati population that resides here. So, if you feel that Goregaon Sports Club is too far off for you then you can look out for Kora Kendra Ground where you will find more songs and music happening.

Dandiya at Kora Kendra Ground Borivali Mumbai

Dandiya at Kora Kendra Ground Borivali Mumbai

While there is no major music group or band performing here you will find many individual Navratri singers singing Gujarati Navratri songs that will leave you spellbound. While there are many groups here that prefer traditional garba dance you will also find some great dandiya experience here. Did you know that dandiya dance is actually a staged mock-fight between Goddess Durga and Mahishasura and that your dandiya sticks symbolizes the sword of Durga? Interesting fact, isn’t it? The season pass here will cost you around Rs. 2500/- while individual day tickets will cost you around Rs. 450/- or so I guess.

Essel World

Garba Dance at Essel World

Garba Dance at Essel World

If you are looking for an extra dose of fun and holiday then you can head to Essel World that also offers a great time for those who are crazy about dancing to the Gujarati folk music and Bollywood music. Essel World offers lot of information on the website so those who are interested to try this place can check out the website.

Garba at Essel World Mumbai

Garba at Essel World Mumbai

While most Dandiya and Garba destination do not play music after 10 pm in the night Essel World offers you an extra time limit so you can dance to the music till 12:30 in the night. To make it even better Essel World invites many celebrities that come here to join the stage and celebrate the festival with equal enthusiasm. You can also enjoy the rides for the day and then enjoy Dandiya during the evening time. When you are weary and tired you can gobble up some mouth watering Gujarati dishes available on the menu. The season pass for Essel World will cost you somewhere around Rs. 1300/- and around Rs. 350/- for weekend days.

Dandiya Sticks

Colorful Dandiya Sticks

Apart from these three dandiya and garba destinations there are many other smaller dandiya and garba places that you can find across Mumbai so in case you cannot be here you always have the opportunity to put on your ghaghra cholis and kedias and move your feet on the beats of dhol and Gujarati folk songs this year.


  1. I just showed these pictures to my wife and she was impressed with the clothing, saying “they’re so beautiful and they always look like women” then she added “the guys look nice too.” The festivals look like such a fun time. You provided a very nice mix of information and imagery here – good job!

    1. Honestly, I try my best to post the best pictures, but sometimes I am not too happy with the pictures I put up. Thanks to you and your wife about appreciating Indian women and men. Also, I always choose pictures as per the content I write so I always keep it connected. That way, readers can relate easily to what I am writing. I have a motto while I write – I work hard to keep it simple and easy for my readers.

  2. More beautiful, colorful celebration! Does it never end there? So many fine vents to anticipate and bring the people together. Is there much crime for the revelers who come out to dance? I love to dance! When music starts my feet have their own mind!

    1. Well, as I type this there’s the same music and dance going on in my neighborhood. The list of festivals in India is endless. You can say its 365 days of celebrations here. I’m not sure about the crime rate in other cities, but here in Mumbai the crime rate during such festivals is almost zero. There are quarrels at times because some might not like music playing loudly at night time, but other than that nothing much. On 22nd there’s another festival coming up which marks the end of the current festival going on. Soon after than Diwali comes in which is the biggest festival of India followed by Christmas and New Year.

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