Street Shopping in Mumbai – Budget Shopping Destinations

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Street Shops at Fashion Street Mumbai

Street Shops at Fashion Street Mumbai



  1. This is very informative. I agree with your ideas regarding low budget information. It in no eay impkies lack of funds. You are not recommending Goodwill or charity locations. Most people, regardless of income, are seeking bargains. More often than not thise with much money look for the best bargains. I love to street shop. Malls are suffocating and usually too high priced for what is offered. Thanks fo a very informative and colorful assessment of what is available in Mumbai.

    1. Some people mix up the word “budget” with “low quality” products, but that is their opinion. Places like Colaba Causeway are filled with upper middle class people that can easily afford shopping at malls, but they still enjoy street shopping where they can buy more stuff at less price, especially girls. I understand they can shop till they drop.

      1. Yes, this is so true! I am not a typical “shop till you drop” female, but I do love to shop on the occasion that I have some “fun money” to spare. Usually it is buying for my children or grandchildren though. I have enough “stuff” already! At least I know where to shop in Mumbai should the miracle occur that I am able to visit your beautiful country.

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