Top 5 Hill Stations in Maharashtra for Weekend Getaways During Monsoons

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Scenic View of Amboli

Scenic View of Amboli




  1. Nice post. Hill Stations are the main attraction of tourist. Green Valley in hill stations fresh our mind. Matheran is famous eco-friendly hill station and perfect weekend destination that refresh your mood. Know more about matheran visit

  2. The road in the first photo reminds me of the area of western Pennsylvania where I grew up and that region down into the Shenandoah range. Lots of twists and turns and something to look at at each one of them.

    1. I love such roads. Although they are risky and one must drive with caution. I remember when I went to Nepal in 2011 via road there were so many twists and turns throughout the journey that I lost count.

    1. No, not really. The monsoon covers the entire state, in fact the entire country, so its raining everywhere. The difference is people in the urban areas don’t get to see the mountains, streams, lakes and landscapes, so to take a break they head to these places on a weekend or whenever they find a spare time.

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