Discovering Monsoon Destinations in Konkan

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  1. hi sir, i live in sawantwadi khaskilwada behind ghe destrict jail (house name pitamaha smruti) i have been to amboli lots of time during monsoon, its really heaven during monssoon, one can easily touch clouds in amboli at monsoon, the fog and the fresh rain breez fills my soul with happiness, if you ever been to amboli then please visit the khem sawant old histotical house, its an old temple like structure situated in middle of the dense forest. there are also some old historical monuments during the shivaji maharaj era in that house.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the info. Indeed Konkan looks like heaven in Monsoon.
    Recently we had been to Vengurla which also lies in Konkan. We had booked a stay at Golven Beach Resort. The weather was very good. We had visited Amboli hill station and it was just so beautiful. Thank you once again for bringing in light the other places that could be visited in konkan.

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