Must Visit Top 5 Waterfalls Near Mumbai

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Waterfalls Near Mumbai

Waterfalls Near Mumbai




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    Waterfalls and Canals – Pt-1

    One of the best things that has happened this year in terms of blogging was having been invited to join a small group of people to share ideas, encouragement and advice. I think that I am truly the lucky member of this bunch because I think I am the only one who isn’t working as a writer. I am in some impressive company and I will be sharing some of their work during the remainder of the summer as a way of mixing it up a bit.

    Back in May, I had an idea for two or more of us to try to write complimentary posts. I decided that I was going to start by attempting to write a travel post like one written by Sharukh Bamboat titled “Must Visit Top 5 Waterfalls Near Mumbai.” Sharukh has several other travel posts, but I am particularly fond of waterfalls. I will be following this in a day or two with a post about a local Connecticut water attraction. I hope you enjoy Sharrukh’s post.

  2. Another stunning and beautifully illustrated account of the marvels India has to offer; there really is something magical about a picturesque waterfull, and you’ve gone a long way to capuring a little part of that magic here – when time allows I’ll post something to the group on some of the Welsh and Scotish waterfalls it’s been my pleasure to encounter…

  3. Nothing is better then a break from tight schedule. plan a small trip and enjoy.the best part is to have choice with details

  4. What a beautiful post. I love to see places I will never get to physically. That makes blogging really exciting- it’s like travelling around the world. Gorgeous photos!

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