Top 5 Forts in Maharashtra: Revisiting History This Monsoon

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Forts in Maharashtra

Forts in Maharashtra



    1. Yeah, I have been to Raigad Fort during college days as well. Back then there was no ropeway system to reach on top, so we had to climb around 1000 steps to get there. The initial way is easy as there are man-made steps, but after 600 steps you have to climb rocky steps which are uneven and wobbly, so the ascend becomes challenging, but it was fun and worth the effort when you are on top. These days you just take the ropeway and you are there.

  1. Rajgad Fort looks like something from the Lord of the Rings. Just magnificent, with a quaint touch. I look at that image of Purandar and I remember the entrance to the Mines of Moria. Great!

    1. Thanks Peter. I am glad they remind you of Lord of the Rings, but these forts have remained the pillars of Maratha Empire for more than 100 years, plus they are strategically located for attack and defense. There are so many hidden tunnels and ways in here and even brilliantly designed toilet systems for the royal kings and Commander-in-Chiefs. Some forts also have a special room for queens and lakes atop. Surprising, to find so much comfort areas in a fort.

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