Exploring Kala Ghoda’s History, Art, Architecture, Food and Shopping Destinations

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Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai



  1. You know, India should have you to do a travel magazine for the country. Your photos and words really urge one to visit! I am so amazed at the amount of cultural venues, museums and music, that are available. And I never realized how much British influence there truly was in India’s history. Thanks for yet another magnificent tour! I would like to share this on g+ if you don’t mind.

    1. Yes, you can share it anywhere you want. Thank you for such kind words, but I think I am not on that level to do a travel magazine for the country. Of course, I love India and that is why my blog is on Indian places only. I think India has plenty of landscapes, places, cafes, restaurants, festivals, cultural events and so much that has never been exposed to the world. I am putting an effort to bring those places and small details to the world through my blog. I certainly give credit to all British people who contributed in building these places when they ruled India and that these heritage structure still talk about the great history that will always remain.

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